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Everyone should take a cruise vacation at least once in their life.

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Daily Private Boat Trip

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Dear guests, our Gulf of Gökova program, which we have prepared for you in the most efficient way, is as follows. 1st day 15:30 departure departure to star island Departure from Yıldız Island on the 2nd day, accommodation in Molla İbrahim and Çökertme Bay 3rd day, departure at 6:00 to 'Löngöz ballı su' and accommodation in the English port. 4th day, departure to Karaca Söğüt harbor, after the 'İkmal', accommodation in the bay of Çanak. 5th day, departure from bay of Çanak, the destination is Tuzla bay. Departure at 06:00 on the 6th day. Accommodation in Mazı, devil stream and kissebuku bay. 7th day, after the visit to the rabbit nose, return to the Bodrum port, dinner is served at the Bodrum port. 8th day 08:30 breakfast 10:00 departure from the boat We wish you healthy days, Regards

You can discover the most beautiful places of Bodrum from our gulet charter service for Mavi Tur Bodrum. Call now for reservation of blue cruise tours.

Blue cruise refers to a trip with various boats at sea in Bodrum and its surrounding touristic regions. Blue Voyage is a concept that emerged in the 1950s, and there are many companies that make this journey as a type of cruise that has become more common in recent years. We are trying to increase the quality of sea travel in our country by trying to bring the quality to the highest level among companies. As one of the Blue Cruise companies, we are trying to increase the pleasure you get from your trip by trying to serve you in the best way.

Blue Cruise Bodrum Gulet Charter for Blue Cruise

As one of the best companies among cruise yacht tours, how to rent a yacht in Bodrum, these issues need to be addressed.

In order to rent a yacht from the Blue Cruise Yachting companies, it is necessary to rent a yacht from the marinas in and around Bodrum. This trip, known as Mavi Tur Bodrum, is served by many tourism companies in our country. This trip, known as Mavi Tur Bodrum, is served by many tourism companies in our country.

You can also enjoy the Blue Cruise by renting a yacht from the yacht charter companies located in these marinas.

It is very important to choose a company that has received an award-winning service like us, to have a pleasant trip.

Where is the Blue Cruise Made?

Blue Cruise Tours are not only made in and around Bodrum.

Apart from this, where are the Blue Cruise Tours made, we can list them as follows;

  • Black Sea Tours all
  • Aegean Mediterranean Tours
  • Western Black Sea Tours
  • Cappadocia Tours Black Sea
  • Mediterranean Tours all

You can also enjoy the journey by applying to the Blue Cruise tours option you want from the tours here.

What Types of Yachts Are There for Journey Yacht Tour?

When looking at the yacht types of Blue Cruise Tours, many different yacht types can be seen.

It is necessary to list these yacht types;

  • Gulet
  • Yacht
  • Cabin Rent
  • Climated

Yacht tour moving You can enjoy the Blue Voyage by choosing the one you want among the active yacht tour options.

How to Charter a Gulet for Blue Cruises?

Yacht charter operations are very easy. Our company offers an easy yacht charter opportunity by applying easy processes in yacht charter transactions.

All kinds of islands of Bodrum are quite beautiful and are frequently visited by people.

Every island of Bodrum is worth visiting and it is possible to visit these islands with Blue Cruise tours.

It is possible to visit these islands by renting a yacht. These islands are very small and easy to navigate.

Which Yacht Types Should Be Preferred For Blue Voyage?

The question on everyone's mind is which yacht type to choose. Here, it is necessary to explain which yacht type should be preferred by explaining each yacht type.

It can be recommended to gulet type passengers if there are too many people to stay on the yacht. For an average size charter, a yacht can be chartered. You can go to marinas for charter operations and do this at yacht charter offices.

What are Bodrum Islands like?

Everyone is wondering how Bodrum island is. For this reason, Blue Cruise tours are preferred. When you look at the names of Bodrum island, it is seen that there is a wide variety. You can choose us to visit Bodrum island. We are trying to increase our service quality in order to serve our customers in the best way during island tours. In this sense, we are making various improvements to increase the quality.

In order to make your island visits more enjoyable, we provide you with various additional services and make you enjoy the tour more.

If you prefer us for island visits as our company, you will see that we provide a much higher quality service than other companies.

Gulet type ships are generally preferred for island visits. You can also choose other ship types according to your wishes.

As Bodrum Blue Cruise Company, Customer Satisfaction is at the Top Level

As a company, we are working hard to provide you with all your travels, including your island visits.

The person who wants to choose our company should come to the offices in the marina and apply.

After the application is made, if there is a suitable yacht, it can be rented for the blue cruise tour. We are among the companies that provide the highest quality service among all Blue Cruise companies, including island visits. You can choose us with peace of mind.

Yacht charter is now getting easier thanks to the innovations provided by our company.Compared to other companies, we provide great convenience to our customers in yacht charter transactions.

Is Yacht Charter Easy?

Renting a yacht is actually quite an easy system.

In the past, yacht chartering was a process that used to be much more difficult and people didn't want.

However, thanks to the various opportunities provided by our company, yacht charter operations are now very easy.

Although yacht charter options are available, some of our customers may want to rent some parts of the yacht instead of renting the entire yacht. We try to fulfill their wishes by helping customers in this situation.

Cabin charter options have also been introduced for this reason.

In this sense, cabin rental options are offered to such customers.

Thanks to this option, our customers now have the opportunity to rent a part of the yacht, instead of renting the whole yacht, and get the same service by paying less. Naturally, on such trips, they travel together with other passengers who have taken the cabin charter service.

However, thanks to our qualified personnel, a quality Blue Cruise tour is made and all our customers are provided with the highest level of enjoyment from the journey. Therefore, there is no question mark in our customers' minds.

What are Yacht Types and Names?

We can say that we have too many yachts as yacht types. Thanks to our luxury yacht fleets, we try to serve our customers in the best way possible.

Our customers are also curious about yacht types and names.

Here we would like to explain the names of these yachts to you.

We provide you with the highest comfort on our motor yacht named Nuray. We provide you with the highest level of travel with Jr Aybel Yacht. We are trying to give you the best service on your Bodrum Blue Cruise cruises by providing you with the highest comfort and luxury with our New Dawn yacht. Our platinum yacht has a wooden look and we enable you to make an authentic Blue Cruise. We offer you the highest level of luxury with Nazcan 1 Yachts. We provide you with the best gulet luxury with our Whisper Gulet yacht. With our yacht, which stands out as a gulet compared to our other yachts, we offer a different Blue Voyage.

Thanks to our Aegan Angel yacht, we experience both luxury and comfort at the same time.

By taking the best care of our customers who prefer this yacht, we provide them with the best possible experience that they will experience once or twice in their lifetime.

Blue Cruise Charter Service Quality

As can be seen, when we look at the yachts of our company, there are nine yachts in our luxury yacht fleet.

You can reach us from the contact information on our website and call us before you come to our marina office.

You can also visit our yacht charter office in Bodrum marina and rent all kinds of yachts according to your wishes.We strive to increase our service quality to provide you with the best night Blue Cruise experience. We make changes in our service quality by evaluating your requests and demands. We make various additions to our services according to your suggestions. Today, the internet has become very important.

For this reason, it is important for companies in all kinds of sectors to set up websites and offer their services here as well.

For this reason, we are trying to serve our customers in the internet environment by establishing a website.

All kinds of information about our company and services are available on our website. Our website includes our company's contact information, Motoryacht charter Bodrum, Gulet Charter Bodrum, Contact, cruise yacht tour and language options. Our site also includes Turkish and English language options.

Website Sections

In the Contact tab, there are phone number information of our company, office phone information, e-mail address information and address information of our marina office. In this communication tab, there is also our map of our marina office. By looking at this map, you can see where our marina office is. Our company is located on Turgut Reis Street and is in a very central location as you can see. In this sense, it is very easy for you to visit our marina office. It is very easy to find our company office, and if you have any problems, it is very easy to find our office by looking at the map section on our website.

Our company is one of the most established and highest quality cruise yacht tour companies among the Blue Cruise yachts companies, and it is trying to increase the service quality with the vision of providing better service. For this reason, your requests and suggestions will be very important for our company.

We care about your suggestions and complaints, evaluate them and try to improve our own service quality.

Therefore, you can express whatever you want to us without hesitation. You can also send your requests to us via e-mail.